Google’s Backdoor To Front-Page SEO



This is going to be a challenge, but it’s worth going through. A full upgrade is involved.

No one makes money online without first being discovered. The way to exposure online now is with optimization, SEO and pro digital tools. Those are the gatekeepers, and they’re stopping your traction if you’ve gained none yet.

It wasn’t easy getting passed it to be honest.

What I used was the loophole I call a hall pass. I only wanted to master writing and nothing else when I found it. 

I entered SEO’s backdoor and got a pro-level platform from it.  

You can too.



“Optimize your brand” is the equivalent of saying “to digitize it” today. An optimized profile let’s your brand appear on platforms in your niche and the Internet in general.

There’s not much business to have outside this type of platform. Your perfect target should be able to find you using anything that relates to your niche and name. That’s what a true optimized profile is. 

The more presence you get online, the more business you get there too.

So how does this pass command Google’s algorithm to top you out in search?


You start by bridging the technology gap first. Our modern world presses you upgrade fast as someone who can work technology.

I wrote this because of the speed technology converted society with. That pace cut writers off from getting a reasonable learning curve to digital. Don’t just look to optimize your profile by reading this.

You should also begin your ground research on tech skills in whole. 

Nothing could be done about that labor-gap created.

Labor went digital as the tech market spurted in our recent Recession.

It’s like no longer recognizing society, and yes, the laborers are few.

We’ve redefined employment, labor and entrepreneurship with technology. The speed of that left most people stranded. And all we got are a stable of new skills to distance writers from enterprising.

Face it.

You’ve no modern skills only being a user on the Web since the ’90s.



The Internet-induced crash on print media got corporate American obsessed too.

Leveraging real profit from the tech world is a do-or-die situation. Don’t be fooled. You need a strategic angle on your brand.

The common “day-to-day” function of technology, as your skill-base, won’t cut it.

The way I found it as a full-time writer was with an optimized profile.

But I’d be lying without saying the entire Internet is against you.



Yet when I tell you to reprogram the search engines for this upgrade, you’re likely to come up with the wrong ideas. “Reprogram” can make you think of a hipster geek typing away in HTML.

You know, that stuff only Silicone brains understand.

“Hyper prota-what?”

You don’t need it.

It’s more important for you to have an optimized presence to get business. Working with no traction yet means your brand may be incomplete.

Which would make sense considering that SEO doesn’t understand or find new ideas well. These new ideas bring us to the loophole for optimization. 

They make the Web glitch, and your opportunity for SEO occurs. …




This hall pass isn’t for you to break the rules with. This will only start your writing business with a foot in the “backdoor.”

You need the best start for a professional presence online, and a quick boost in optimization is how.


This backdoor is a natural loophole. I found it because of the limits computers have. Let’s look at how the loophole optimizes you with each great idea you generate

       The one thing yet to peak online is the publishing industry: that’s writing in whole. It happens that each generation uses English in their own way too.

The word “woll,” for instance, was used as today’s word for “will.” Which is why we have “won’t” that came from the past use of “woll not.” It makes better sense then “win’t” to use as our “will not.”

But that’s besides the point. 

Human interests are with things that grow and evolve. And the search bots can’t keep up using their own evolution.


Two Reasons This Backdoor Remains Open:

For starters, the Internet’s growth is ultimately in our hands. That means you and I. The user. 

Tech bots wait for us to tell them what’s relevant online. It wasn’t always that way. The Net began by giving people with technical skills the Web’s business platform.

Words and communication has that privilege now. And what does communication help to convey?


Ideas give us the second reason why a backdoor to SEO stays open.

Keywords try their best to capture a society’s ideas. Trying is all that can happen with the program’s SEO skill-base though. The user has to ALWAYS confirm if they’ve found their link.

Which means, they give the final confirmation for optimization. 

Since computers are limited in understanding new ideas, people can be used to bridge that gap. New ideas make the world go around and bring you to tomorrow. That power can’t be contained in any one keyword. …



It’s now safe to say society and its ideas grow along with what’s on the Web.

Generations each have their own pioneering ideas to discover. So let’s say you capture those ideas today and use the best writing to publish it. Having a new, legitimate concept people can use is how you create a hall pass.

It’s important to know this. It may be the only option if you’re a novice in SEO.

Every new, great idea is a one-time chance to by-pass SEO and optimization.


As The WEB reaches a peak. …

Creating websites and writing HTML has met a threshold.

The Internet is letting us know its limits also. Tech roles 5 years ago are today making less money. Lesser still. Their sales offer made sense once but can’t close deals now.

Here’s the premise if you’re not catching on. We start with the limits in digital hardware and why new ideas can enter a backdoor online.

       The Internet can continue to operate if no more data centers and Web hosting servers were added to it. We’ve peaked.

A lot can be improved. Sure. But nothing else is required to have Internet. Fate would have it too. The Internet’s platform, after a corporate push, is words and communication. Something you and I can do. 

Language is just scratching the surface too. …

Recording everything humanity learns is a work in progress. Infinite life discoveries are captured in words. These new ideas in the marketplace often forces engines to overlook SEO.

They glitch and stall being unable to comprehend. 

The Web then waits until the user views your message to thus optimize your presence online. 

 You now Know why. HAVING new ideas as a strategy mAKES INCOME. …