The Money Code For Writers ONline

They said it wouldn’t happen. “Mama” didn’t believe.

They were terrified of the Internet and now can’t stop buying things from it. Face it. Your next job is online. No one’s hiring you in a brick and mortar unless you’re prospecting a career in burgers. Take it slow, and listen. I’m not wondering where the Internet went. I know exactly what it did and how it got there. 

I do admit though. I have more insider info than you. My career is around writers of equal caliber too. If you thought doing that Digitally was about coladas and a beach, think again. The economy. The shift that’s turning life into a computerized app? Start by taking it more serious.

That’s if you want to dictate your life and live on your own terms as a writer.

Want to make a world impact and still cash out? Start by reading this book. I lived all of the steps for you.


Digital Writer: Your One-Way ticket To The New Economy.






  – AN entire Career IN 2-Hrs Of Reading –


“It started with screenwriting.
I Never knew my pOt of gold would be
in freelancing Instead. …”

If you uncover the best perspective or solve problems that people actually read, nothing stops you from making cash on demand.

Cash on demand is tricky if you’re not immersed in the potential online. You might have a full-time job already. You may lack digital education. Some of you have too much to manage.

I get it.

You doing this full-time requires that you cut the learning curve. You’ve got to reach a pro level at using the Web and do it fast. Everyone says they’re there. But you, I’ve never seen you in the industry. Here, you’ll learn what shows that you have a thriving online career.

You can then master that in this book for writers.

Digital Writer is the book that changed it all. Copywriters, journalists, screenwriters or poets: you all need this. Are you still working on making more money from writing? Then absorb every page and chapter ahead.

The gurus forgot to tell you this.


My personal congrats

Here’s how your new career became.

Money making turned upside down. The Internet happened. A 16-year-old has a better shot upgrading websites for cash than they do cutting lawns. This shift in labor is a shift in skills, job descriptions and roles.

Now. … Right now, only blind luck works for anyone without Digital skills. The entire upper level of the online industry is guilty with me. Digital skills are about using the Web in ways you haven’t thought or imaged. The best: we keep it a secret.

But too much has evolved to keep this in now. The skills I used to scale poverty as a writer in are in this manuscript.

And that hasn’t been done before.

I’m turning it all around. If you’re playing on blind luck, then I must be forward. You won’t catch up.

Technology, the methods. …they’re moving too fast.

You need a full upgrade, or the tech growth is too far removed. You need connection to someone who knows and is part of the knowledge base. There’s a lot getting passed down to people who reach that circle. 

Creating an income as a writer online starts with the right information. And it’s about time you got it. 


The Handful who “Get” This Succeed

In three seconds, you’re going to stand out.

But in only one, I can tell just how far you are. And I’d be wrong about 10 out of a 1,000 people reading this.

Look at the statistics if you haven’t. The odds are inherently against us as writers. There’s one way to show that you’ve a pro-online career. This is what confirms you’ve been separated from the “poverty stereotypes” in writing:

“You earn without new  work though new  work continues to come in.”

There’s a lot to know. I’ve seen the good bit of it. You might feel I’m wrong about you. That’s if I say you have a long way to go.

But I can tell you five ways to make $1,000 from writing right now. Can you at least list two? I took the guess work out of a career online. I then repeated the process.

If you thought the Digital divide between you and I was bad, wait until you see what’s in this book.

Don’t overlook these mandatory job skills when you’re living in a tech world. Your income is about to increase.


 Last Hope For Writers online 

I saw the ditch writers fell in online. I fell in it once. …

But I left those circumstances fast. I forget a whole world was left behind.

Republishing this book brought me back to where I started. That’s a place where most do. 

I came back to the reason money became the need. I had to help myself. I now have the chance to help you. The info is concise and the data is relevant.

It’s As Easy As Reading A Book

Don’t run out of time or blame it on not being lucky.

You can’t balance it or know how to connect words to income because this is it. A final release. Microsoft bought the behemoth LinkedIn for a reason. Labor and the economy changed years ago. It’s only now going online.

The best in the economy is this large platform for self-employed contractors.

It’s best you start contracting if you want a job because Silicone Valley already knows it.

The Faster You Act Now, The Easier It Is

No one strikes gold to walk away from their claim. You know what happened when you didn’t buy Google’s first stock as it sold. The faster you delay, the further away technology gets. Get your copy now to bridge the gap. …

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