The Stability Workout Plan

They said it wouldn’t happen. “Mama” didn’t believe.

They were terrified of the Internet and now can’t stop buying things from it. Which means your next job will have to be online. No one’s hiring you in a brick and mortar unless you’re prospecting a career in burgers.

Just take it slow. It’s no shock where the Internet went. 

Well, I do admit. I had more insider info, so I used Tech with better expectations.

But if you think my success now is about coladas and a beach, think again. I’m sustained by a new but working-class economy. The shift that’s making life into a pocket-sized app? You start by taking it more serious.

That’s if you want your life back or to live on your terms as a writer with money.

Rather make a world impact and always cash out?

You can start by reading this book. I discovered each of the steps for you.


Digital Writer: Your One-Way ticket To The New Economy.






  – AN entire Career IN 2-Hrs Of Reading –

Anyone who leverages solutions that people actually read earns money on demand.

The on-demand part is tricky without the time.

You might have a full-time job. You may lack skill. Or, you have too much to manage.

I get it.

Writing full-time requires that you cut a corner.

But there’s only one way for freelance writers to have stability online.

Fast-track it in this book. Copywriters, journalists, screenwriters or poets: you all need it. Are you still working to make more money in the industry of words? 

Then start with chapter one. You’ll need to absorb every page and concept ahead.

There’s no other formula for stability that works.


A personal congrats

Here’s how stability became a reality. The Internet happened.

A 16-year-old does better upgrading websites for cash than cutting lawns. This shift in labor is a real shift though.

We’re no longer in the imaginary stages of the concept. Now. …

Right now, what you have online earns you money that’s never duplicated. Without what’s in this book, your money never steadies off to live on.

It’s because of a past industry that held writers down, and I broke that mold in this manuscript.

Publishing it hasn’t been done before.

And since you’re using blind luck, I’ll also be forward with you. You won’t bridge the gap in time. Technology is the real blame Millennials have for struggling.

If you weren’t there when it started, then you can’t imagine what’s necessary now. The world of Tech came fast, during a real Recession AND no one knew it then.

History was being made. 

You need more than a full upgrade. 

Tipping the scales means cracking the code that first grants you stability to work online. Without stability, you won’t have a platform to build a career on.

Those who “Get This Win. …

In three seconds, you can stand out.

But in only one, I can tell just how far you are.

And I’d be wrong about 10 out of 1,000 people reading this. Look at the statistics.

The odds are against writers. And you might feel I’m wrong about you.

That’s if I say you have a long way to go.

But I only need to look at your instability.

Digital Writer is your business leverage published for the first time. You’ll be shocked at how strategic stability has to be. There’s a long way to go.

And shortcutting the process is why I wrote these pages.



 New Hope For Writers 

Publishing this brought me back to where I started.

That’s a place where you might have to also.

It brings me back to the reason money became the need.

I had to first realize the financial curse of writers and leverage stability instead. You must also.

Entry As Easy As Reading A Book

Microsoft bought the behemoth LinkedIn for a reason you know. Labor and the economy changed years ago. It’s only now going online. I survived and then scaled this economy after discovering the sole platform for stability. It’s best to grab your piece of it now and to leverage what Silicone Valley does next.

The Faster You Read It, The Greater Your Stock Becomes

No one strikes gold to walk away from their claim. You know what happened when you didn’t buy Google’s first stock. The more you delay now, the further the job market gets from you. …

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